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Beijing time on August 3, the AFC official ** news, the Iraqi U23 national team withdrew from the Jakarta Asian Games, the Asian Games Organizing Committee re-adjusted the men’s football team group, the Chinese team with the United Arab Emirates, East Timor and Syria in the C group .

After announcing the withdrawal of Iraq, the AFC subsequently announced the results of the new grouping. Officials wrote: “The Asian Games men’s football match has been redrawn, and the United Arab Emirates has replaced the retired Iraq.” The result of the grouping is that the United Arab Emirates in Group E have drawn the C team of the Chinese team to fill the vacancy left by Iraq’s withdrawal. In this way, except for Group A, the other five teams have only four teams.

Jakarta Asian Games Men’s Football Team Group Final Results

Group A: Indonesia, Hong Kong, Laos, Taiwan, and Palestine (additional)

Group B: Thailand, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Qatar

Group C: United Arab Emirates (Supplement), China, East Timor, Syria

Group D: Japan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Nepal

Group E: Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Bahrain

Group F: North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Myanmar

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