Himalayan Snow-capped Mountains

The Himalayan snow-capped mountains have warmed up and the earth is sick! Heat waves hit the northern hemisphere [surprised]] The Himalayas mean “snow” in Sanskrit, global warming causes melting of glaciers, Himalayan glaciers may die in recent decades, and local high-altitude residents face water shortages; Return, the tour guide is in jeopardy. “Snow” will be in name only.  Is the car exhaust really the biggest reason?

Originally, the Himalayas were covered with ice and snow, so they became famous. It was not suitable for traveling in the winter, but now because of the melting, some people go hiking in the winter.

Malaya is meaning “snow” in Sanskrit. Global warming causes glaciers to melt. Himalayan glaciers may die in recent decades, while local high-altitude residents face water shortages. Without snow mountains, tourists return home and tour guides are at risk. . “Snow” will be in name only.

The earth is warming, is the earth sick? NO! The warming of the earth is not starting now. Many people still remember that from the story of the Guandong, the cold in the northeast has already penetrated the hearts of the people. This cold temperature should be below zero.

More than 30 degrees, during the period of the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, the Volunteers also fought under the conditions of minus 30 degrees. However, at my age, it’s minus 28 degrees, just a few times, because the icing of the Yalu River 50 meters offshore is two or three times. It used to be normal. To be precise, climate warming is from this. 

What began in the early 70s of the last century was just not obvious. In this century, climate warming began to accelerate, especially in the last five years, the acceleration of warming was a bit sinister. Some people say that the earth is sick, and some people say that it is caused by human activities (carbon dioxide has been concentrated), but the industrial revolution of mankind has been two hundred years, and it is so smart, I have to ask: the frozen period of the earth, Is it because there is no human blasphemy? The ignorance, the climate on the earth, influenced by the ocean, is the main cause!

The ocean is too big for humans to have access to, the laws of ocean activity are unknown, too much The marine activities are not only affected by the Earth’s magnetic field, but also by the aerospace (the moon and the interstellar). In a word: the climate on the earth, warming, is normal!

The earth does not need us to save, we are to save ourselves

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