outdoor basketball court led lighting

Is the LED light suitable for outdoor basketball court lighting?

In response to the country to establish energy-saving and emission reduction society requirements, LED lighting began to enter the eyes of people quickly, led as energy-saving lighting equipment, more and more people’s attention to be paid. According to the relevant installation cases of the stadium project, the author understands that the LED lighting in the indoor stadium replaces the traditional metal halide lamp for reference.

Main application of led sport Lighting : Outdoor basketball court Recommended use of units: Enterprise Staff Stadium, unit Outdoor stadium, sports venues, training venues, general outdoor competition venues.

1. The light source of led basketball court lighting should adopt metal halide lamp (white light) or LED lighting;

2, lamps should be used in the pan-light, reflector should be clear, the best use of outdoor basketball court led lighting;

3, the light source power according to the lamp height, the cloth lamp density and the illumination.

4, according to different levels of competition, lighting can be grouped control;

5, the lamp height is suitable in 6-8 meters, installs in the person’s view upper position; With the lighting in the reflector and glass contaminated, as well as light decay, after a period of time after the use of illuminance will have a relative decline, it must first estimate, in accordance with the venue environment, LED lights have a long-term maintenance-free advantages, the maintenance coefficient of 0.6;

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