1000W Flood Lights Outdoor

Whether it’s for saving money on power or being environmentally aware lots of people have already switched to energy saving LED flood light for their outside lighting saving thousands of dollars annually on their electricity bills.

Since most people are still used to thinking of light output concerning watts, here is a cheat sheet to give you an idea of the typical lumens required for various LED outdoor flood lights.

Due to the complex working environment, affected by temperature, ultraviolet, humidity, rain, rain, dust, chemical gas and other natural conditions, outdoor lighting should consider the environmental factors in the design of LED outdoor flood lighting effects.

At present, the domestic production of LED lamps (mainly street lamps) are mostly used 1W led multiple strings, parallel assembly, this method is called packaging technology. Using 30W, 50W or even larger modules for assembly to achieve the required power, these led packaging materials useful epoxy encapsulation. The difference is: the epoxy resin packaging temperature is poor, long time easy aging. Silicone packaging is good temperature resistance, use should be careful to choose.

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