LED parking lot lights

Parking Lot Lighting is a term to describe the outdoor lighting that is commonly mounted on poles and located in parking lots, pathways and driveways.

Whether you need commercial LED parking lot lights or commercial HID parking lot lights, we have you covered.

Mounting height for parking lot lights can range from 12 ft. to 20 ft. but in some cases can reach as high as 35 ft. The spacing between parking lot lights depend on the mounting height, the higher the fixture the fewer the poles needed to light an equivalent area.


Why are LED parking lot lights an improvement for organizations? What make LED lighting technology different?

There are a few key differences between LED lighting technology and conventional lighting technology that are worthy of consideration. Let’s start at the beginning: “LED” stands for light-emitting diode, and this refers to how LEDs generate light differently than conventional lighting solutions. Most older lighting technologies use a combination of filaments and fuel sources to create light, but there are three big problems in this scenario:

Much of the energy created through conventional lighting technology is given off as heat, and not light, resulting in higher energy consumption (and therefore, higher costs)

Conventional lighting bulbs create omnidirectional light, which requires fixtures to direct the light where it needs to be

More mechanical components (filament, contact wires, support wires, glass mount, etc) mean more opportunities for failure.

parking lot lights

Why is parking lot lights important?

Parking lots are often the first impression a customer has of a company. When they pull in, they want to feel welcomed and comfortable. This will automatically give them a more favorable view of the company as a whole.

This is why having a brightly lit parking lot lights is important. If your parking lot isn’t as bright as you want, perhaps you should think of an upgrade to the lights.

When it’s time for a change, LED lights could greatly benefit you and your lot. Not only are they effective and bright, they can also save you money when compared to other types of lighting choices.

Brighten Your Parking Lot Lights

LED lighting is becoming more popular every day. More people are realizing just how beneficial they can be for both homes and at work. Their suitability as parking lot lights is no longer in question.

Not only are they cost effective and energy-efficient, they also give a nice bright kind of glow that lights up a large area. A well-lit parking lot has a great many benefits, such as being safer and appearing more professional. Don’t wait to make the upgrade on your own lot’s lights!

If you have any questions about LED lights and what they can do for your parking lot, contact us at any time!

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