LED beads

LED beads models and specifications of small knowledge, as the LED beads industry should not be familiar with, but also must have a certain understanding of LED beads.

LED bead model

There are too many types of LED beads, including direct plug and patch type, as well as high-power LED beads. The current of LED beads ranges from dozens of milliamps to several amps, and the voltage is relatively consistent, most of which are at a few volts at 3:00. According to LED packaging, it can be divided into direct plug LED and patch LED. According to the power is divided into large, medium and small power.

High-power white LED(such as CREE’s xml-t6) has a single power of 10W, a voltage of 3.3v and a current of 3A; low-power red LED(such as the common 5MM direct insertion) has a voltage of 2v and a current of 15ma.

Patch packaging for 0805, 1206 and other small power led, working current is generally 10 ma, but there are exceptions. The patch package is 3014, 3528, 3535 and other small power led, the operating current is generally 20~50 ma, but there are exceptions; Patch packaging for 2835, 5050, 5060, 5630 and other medium power led tubes, the operating current is generally 50~150 ma, but there are exceptions;

High-power LED is all patch packaging, different companies have different brands of different series of parameters are very different; However, the normal operating current of the nominal 1W is 350mA.

Small power direct plug LED beads, generally according to the diameter of models, 3mm 4mm 5mm 8mm 10mm 12mm. The operating voltage and current are the same regardless of the diameter.

Specifications of LED beads:

For 1.0.06w, the voltage is 2.5-3.5v and the current is 20mA.

For 2.0.5w, the voltage is 2.5-3.77v, and the current is 150mA.

3.1w, voltage 2.79-3.99v, current 350mA.

4.3w with a voltage of 3.05-4.47v and a current of 700mA.

For 5.5w, the voltage is 3.16-4.88v, and the current is 1000mA.

LED bead 1W current: 320-350ma, the driver is generally selected 300mA current, LED chip size 30mil, 35mil, 40mil, 45mil. LED bead 3W current: 700mA, drive generally 600mA, LED chip size 45mil. All 1W and 3W voltages are between 3.0-3.6v, better 3.2-3.4v. As for the 5W single LED chip, it is generally 50mil or more, and other parameters are not clear. Generally used as lighting LED beads by 0.5w-5w are available, the working voltage of about 3-3.2V.

The method to distinguish LED beads is as follows:

1. Look at the brightness, namely, the driving current at 350mA and the brightness between 3.0-3.6v. The higher the brightness, the better.

2. According to LED chip brand and size, brands include NICHIA, CREE, pry, asahi, crystal, new century and so on.

3. See BIN, namely, color temperature partition and electric pressure BIN, the finer the better.

4. Look at attenuation. Aging test is needed.

5. See the actual application, such as: the market has the right and cheap lens, aluminum substrate, it is good, lens, aluminum substrate needs to open the mold will invest more, 1W high power, current: 350ma, voltage: 2.8-4.0v brightness: 80-130lm color temperature: 3000-12000k.

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