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30W LED Explosion Proof Lights For Gas Station

Certification: ATEX, UL, CUL, DLC, PSE, SAA&C-TICK, CQC, CE, ROHS, IP68
High pressure die casting alloy aluminum housing, create through a high pressure(1600 ton) in one piece,high explosion proof level, and IP68 waterproof protection.


30W LED Explosion Proof Lights for Gas Station

Introduction of LED Explosion Proof Lights:

Explosion Proof doesn't mean that the lighting supply -whether it’s associate degree LED light source or not- doesn’t spark; it simply means the things at risk of spark ar isolated in explosion-proof boxes that contain ignition repeatedly, avoiding propagation outside the box. within the same vein, “explosion proof” doesn't mean your LEDs can survive associate degree explosion, simply that they won’t be the cause for associate degree external explosion.

Explosion Proof light-emitting diode lights with UL safety ratings of sophistication one Division one. as such safe, reversible light-emitting diode lights for venturous locations. Razorlux explosion-proof lighting  are ideal for lighting venturous environments, as well as category I Division one areas like chemical plants and drilling rigs. Our explosion proof LED lights are rated category one Div two for venturous locations like granaries, mills, and mines, locations with fuel vapors like a gas station.

We are a leading manufacturer of explosion proof LED lights that meet category one, Div. one and sophistication two specs. Linear lighting, cart & flood lights out there.

Product details of LED Explosion Proof Lights:

UL844: Class I Division 2 Group A B C D

ATEX: Group II Zone 1 & Zone 2, Zone21 & Zone22

IECEX: Group II Zone 1 & Zone 2, Zone21 & Zone22

CNEX: Group II Zone 1 & Zone 2, Zone21 & Zone22

100W Explosion Proof Lighting

 100W Explosion Proof Lighting









# OF






CE Certify


Replacing 150w


301203480350 mA24116 LM/W

Features of LED Explosion Proof Lights:

1. High Efficacy low decay 700MA LED chip

2. High heat transmit die cast housing ADC12 aluminum, patent design, IP68

3. Shock and vibration resistant tempered glass, super clear 95% light transmit rate

4. Anti-glare.Scientific optical reflector design, making the light more focus,even, comfortable for eyes

5. Original Bridgelux LED source,high luminous efficacy and long lifespan

6.MEANWELL HLG series driver, the highest level of MEANWELL driver

7. Surface treatment-Powder painted, salt resistant and chemical resistant, also hard for dust to accumulate on the surface

8.2.0mm aluminum PCB with heat index 2.5, keep LED working under cool temperature

9.Working temperature: -30ºC to 50ºC.

Dimemsons of LED Explosion Proof Lights:

LENGTH : 200mm

WIDTH : 200mm

HEIGHT : 270mm


Applications of LED Explosion Proof Lights:

--oil & gas offshore platform, transport and storage, refinery, chemical industries

--Land / Drilling rigs, Mining, Painting/Coating/Powder plants

--Military, Airport, Aerospace industry, etc.

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