indoor swimming pool lighting

Indoor swimming pool usually consider the maintenance of lamps and lanterns, generally do not decorate the water above the surface, but the water above the special repair channel except.

For venues that do not have a televised request, lamps are often scattered arranged in the top of the water outside the ceiling, under the roof or wall, for television broadcast requirements of the venues, lamps are generally used light belt layout, that is, in both sides of the pool on the Shore Layout Longitudinal ma Dao, at both ends of the pool on the shore layout transverse ma.

In addition, it is necessary to set the appropriate lighting in the platform and springboard to eliminate the shadow of the platform and Springboard, and to focus on the diving warm-up pool lighting

It should be stressed that diving items should not be placed above the diving pool lighting. Otherwise, the water will appear in the mirror image of the led flood light, the athletes have light interference, affect the athlete’s judgment and play. In addition, due to the unique optical characteristics of water medium, indoor swimming diving hall lighting and the layout of the main plan to consider the following issues. 

  1. Glare control due to the unique optical characteristics of water medium, the glare control of Natatorium site illumination is more difficult than other types of venues, it also appears to be important for dragons.
  2. A. Control the reflective glare of the water surface by controlling the projection angle of the lamp. In general, the stadium lighting projection angle is not greater than 60 °, the swimming hall lighting projection angle is not greater than 55 °, preferably not in 50°. The greater the angle of incidence, the more light reflected on the water surface. B. Glare control measures for diving athletes. For diving, its site range includes 2 meters from the platform, 5 meters to the surface of the springboard, that is, the entire trajectory space of the diver. In this space, the lighting of the venue is not allowed to have any discomfort glare to the athlete.
  3. C. Strictly control the glare of the camera. That is, the led flood light from the static water surface should not be reflected to the main camera vision, and the light emitted by the luminaire shall not be directed to the fixed camera. It is preferable to not directly illuminate a 50° sector area with a fixed camera as the center.

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