LED flood lights stocks a large range of flood lights. LED flood lights suit a wide range of project lighting applications,such as football field,basketball court,tennis court,golf course,baseball field,hockey pitch,marine,airport,high mast,tunnel,sea port. Small, thin and very bright our outdoor LED flood lights are a great choice for gardens, patios, car parks and any other outdoor environments.

Razorlux provides high quality and aesthetic outdoor LED Flood Lights with energy saving LED technology. Razorlux provides 200w LED flood lights, 300w LED flood lights,400w LED flood lights,500w LED flood lights,600w LED flood lights, 800w LED flood lights, 1000w LED flood lights, 1200w LED flood lights.High quality doesn’t have to mean high dollar. Find the perfect affordable LED flood light for your next application.

LED Mining Lights For Mining & Energy

1000 Watt LED Mining Lights For Mining & Energy

Razorlux Powerful 1000 Watt LED Mining Lights For Mining & Energy Desctiption of LED Mining Lights: Razorlux designs and manufactures LED mining lighting  applications. Our LED, HID and Halogen mining lighting solutions include deep drill lighting, non-explosive lights, deep mining lights , exploration lights, pencil beam lights, spot lights, mining trailer lights, mining tractor lights. Features & Characteristic of Read More