LED Flood Lighting

In recent years, in order to make Zhangjiakou as a landscape garden city, in response to the “three-year-old” call, Zhangjiakou City, through the key street and municipal infrastructure, contour landscape, lighting facilities, such as focus on the implementation of the road to light as the main body, trees light into features, high-rise flood lighting into embellishment of the City Night Lights lighting project.

The use of LED flood lights and floodlight, such as combination of clever use of warm and cold tones of coordination, dynamic and static echoes, points, lines, faces combined with the design techniques to enhance the urban landscape image, so that the urban area put on a gorgeous evening dress.

 At present, Zhangjiakou has formed a high-rise building as a bright spot, the waterfront as a bright belt, the city’s main street for the bright line of night lighting new pattern. However, the city as the 2022 Olympic Games in the city, in order to further enhance the urban environment, night flood lighting environment needs to improve the quality of upgrading.

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