Designed with durability and ruggedness in mind, the Razorlux LED mining light offers high-intensity illumination for applications in the mining industry, hunting, boating, military, and law enforcement. With LED functionality, this light can operate cooler, and for up to 50,000 hours with 24-volt compatibility.
LED mining lights offers an extensive inventory of mine lights, LED mining lights, extreme environment LED light bars.Most of mining activities are conducted deeply under the ground where fatal accidents such as collapse, flooding and gas explosion happen from time to time around the world. So it is necessary to establish an effective monitoring system to ensure the safety of miners. For example, a system that can give an alarm signal for immediate evacuation when dangerous gas leakage is detected, or can search and rescue the miners who are trapped underground after collapse.

LED Mining Lights For Mining & Energy

1000 Watt LED Mining Lights For Mining & Energy

Razorlux Powerful 1000 Watt LED Mining Lights For Mining & Energy Desctiption of LED Mining Lights: Razorlux designs and manufactures LED mining lighting  applications. Our LED, HID and Halogen mining lighting solutions include deep drill lighting, non-explosive lights, deep mining lights , exploration lights, pencil beam lights, spot lights, mining trailer lights, mining tractor lights. Features & Characteristic of Read More