The light shield is an easy and excellent way to block the rays of your outdoor LED Parking Lot light or led wall light from trespassing. All commercial property owners might be considering converting over to LED. Outdoors, they may have Metal Halide parking lot lights that are consuming 400W to 1000W each, and so installing new LED outdoor parking lot lights in their parking areas makes sense, right?

LED parking lot lighting options can replace your existing fixtures and we have the power to replace everything from 250-1000W Metal Halide. These long lasting LED Lights are extremely efficient when it comes to creating light while using very little electricity to do so. UL Listed, DLC Qualified, these lights will provide you with years of trouble-free life.

Location: Ford Motor, Australia

Fact & Figure of Client:

Ford Australia is the Australian subsidiary of United States-based automaker Ford Motor Company that was founded in Geelong, Victoria, in 1925.

Ford Australia is the only Australian car manufacturer which designs and manufactures its own unique high-volume engines.Looking for some nice lighting for your parking lot?
Try Razorlux Genius™ LED light, they are designed and tested by our clients to be a perfect solution.
The lighting is strong, as well as covering big parking area and produce no glare to drivers.

Items: Razorlux 400W Genius LED Flood Light, ZHGL-400A

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