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Location: Petrol Station, Germany

Zhihai Genius™ LED light could be installed and working as LED canopy light as well.

A great product for a petrol station, indoor parking lot, and many other applications.

Items: Zhihai 60W Genius LED Canopy Light, ZHGL-60A

Because gas stations are inflammable and explosive places, there are special requirements for the lamps used in gas stations. Generally, they are equipped with anti-explosion grade IP65.

The petrol station explosion-proof lighting measures of the gas station are very important because the petroleum products sold by the gas station are inflammable, explosive, volatile, leakage and static charge. In view of the necessary explosion-proof performance of lamps and lanterns and the reduction of lighting energy consumption, the engineers of zhihai lighting design suggest that gas station lighting should be used in the lighting of gas stations.

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