Roadway lighting, from Razorlux led lighting. Selection of high-quality aluminum, it has efficient heat dissipation, effective protection of lamp body core components and long spanlife. With high-brightness energy-saving led light source, it can be environmental protection and power saving lights.
Today, highly efficient, energy-saving Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology can replace HPS with over 50% power saving efficiency and 5 times the lamp lifespan.
Discover Acuity Brands roadway lighting solutions, including a wide selection of high-performing LED roadway lighting as well as other road and highway lights.Roadway lighting serves as an important safety feature for busy streets and highways where visibility is essential. Roadway lights can also signal the difference between a pedestrian and a car zone. The lighting can help drivers be aware of their surroundings and provide well-illuminated safety for pedestrians. Roadway lights can also enhance the overall design of a road and the surrounding buildings. One of the lighting industry’s changing trends in roadway lighting is the switch to LED. These LED highway luminaires can provide high energy cost savings, little to no maintenance, lighting control, and less light pollution.