led sea port light

In recent years, the rapid development of China’s ports, ports around ushered in the upgrading of construction, and this corresponds to the issue of energy shortage, the port business has been a major energy transport sector, energy conservation has become a new era of port enterprises to enhance international competitiveness An important means of LED port lights came into being.

In the traditional sea port lighting, port with high-pressure sodium lamp power to 400W and 1000W-based. As we all know, the disadvantage of high-pressure sodium lamp is mercury-containing pollution, high energy consumption. Long time work in this environment, prone to fatigue. Its poor color, start-up time. Low power factor, short life expectancy, generally about 10,000 hours, high maintenance costs. It has become an inevitable replacement of high pressure sodium lamp with LED port light.

LED sea port lights without flicker, no infrared, no radiation, high color rendering and has a strong light-emitting direction, and anti-vibration, can provide a comfortable space for light, but also well meet the physical health Demand, is to protect eyesight and environmental health light. From the environmental considerations, LED lamps luminous efficiency, does not contain mercury, sodium harmful elements, will not cause environmental pollution, is more in line with the green lighting products, has a good social effect. Shanghai Sansi company’s production of port lights, the use of high-quality ceramic materials, the use of independent pixels luminous point, better heat dissipation, corrosion-resistant products, long life, strong and reliable. Comparison of lighting effects LED lamps can be equipped with secondary light, illumination uniformity is much better than high-pressure sodium lamp.

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