LED seaport lighting is one of the most challenging projects in seaport lighting industry. These lights are reminiscent of seaport lighting, but their grille diffusor is in keeping with the style of Razorlux lighting.

For port lighting, the floodlights should be installed on the periphery of the boundary so that the lights will not be affected by obstacles in the working area, where loading and unloading area. This arrangement may cast a shadow over the deck of the berthed ship at the shore when the tide ebbs. Therefore, be sure to have floodlights on deck and on crank arms.

Location: Valencia Port, Spain

Fact & Figure of Client: The Port of Valencia is the fifth busiest seaport in Europe, and also the largest in Spain and in the Mediterranean Sea basin.

Items: Razorlux 400W Genius LED Projection Light, ZHGL-400P & ZHGL-400A

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