High Color Rendering

High color rendering performance.

LED sports field lighting should have relatively high color rendering performance and should be an indisputable photophysical parameter requirement. In the stadium lighting, table tennis lights, badminton lights, basketball lights, volleyball lights and billiard lights and other stadium lights. The higher the color rendering performance, the more realistic and realistic the colors of objects and spheres in the stadium, and the closer to the color effect of sunlight illumination.

The description of the color performance of stadium lights is described by the color rendering index of the venue lighting industry. The color rendering index of sunlight is 100%, which is the standard for the pursuit of the color performance of sports field lighting, stadium lights, stadium lights, stadium lights, and sports field lights. According to the lighting design experience of table tennis room lights, badminton field lights and basketball court lights. For stadium lighting venue lighting, color rendering index R-value should be above 85. The higher the color rendering index R-value is, the higher the color rendering performance of the stadium lamp is, and the closer the color rendering effect is to the effect of sunlight.

If it is: The badminton court lighting and table tennis room lights are used, and the color rendering index is less than 85. It is not unusable, but it cannot be too low. Normally, the color index of site lighting is about 80, and its color rendering performance is also relatively good. In stadium lighting, the surface color of the object image will not greatly deviate.

If it is: The color index of the athletic field lighting is less than 80, and when it reaches 70 or so. The color of the stadium lighting will obviously deviate, and the sharpness and realism of the sphere object will be significantly reduced.

If it is: When the color index of the stadium lamp is reduced to 60 or 50, the color rendering performance of the venue lighting is seriously reduced, which seriously deviates from the standard of the color rendering performance of sports lighting. The color of the stadium space and the sphere will have a serious cast. The clarity and realism of the airborne ball will be seriously reduced.

In the actual stadium lighting design project, there are more venue lights due to low color rendering index, the stadium lighting is white light with a clear blue color, the lighting effect is green. The lighting quality of the stadium is very low, and the surface of the sphere is dim, unclear and unrealistic. For the red objects in the stadium, the surface is not only distorted in color, but it also feels dark and dark.

Therefore, badminton field lights, table tennis room lights, basketball field lights, volleyball field lights, and billiard room-specific billiard lights have high color rendering performance, which has great influence on the lighting quality and effect of the stadium lighting. It is recommended to give due attention to the lighting design of the stadium.

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