Flood lights are a great thing and they help us in so many ways. However, they generally have a few disadvantages to them. As with many things there are pros that get complimented by cons. But thanks to LED light technology and using that in flood lights, a few of those disadvantages disappear.

400W LED Flood Light
400W LED Flood Light

Flood lights are great in small scale uses as well as large scale uses. This includes in natural disasters, in community programs such as night time sports events, or keeping workers safe on those late nights that they have to work or even outdoor performances, or just illuminating our backyards.

Halogen Flood Lights

Halogen lights are not as great of a source of light compared to LED lights. Halogen lights produce a lot of heat and that could bring about a few safety hazards in the case of it over heating. Halogen is expensive as it consumes a lot of energy, and for it to be wasted in the by-product of heat is not great for the environment. The halogen bulb creates a lot of gas which gets pressurised in the heat and have the tendency to shatter. This will not be safe when falling from great heights. They also tend to have short life spans of about 6 months or less, this is costly and time consuming.

LED Flood Lights

LED lights offer many great benefits that run deeper than just the household light. LED lights are known to produce less heat energy; this makes a huge impact when it comes to flood lights and the environment. LED lights have a longer lifespan than other lightbulbs, which means less money and time are spent on replacing them. LED lights are low energy using lights, which is great for the environment and on cost. The fact that they are producing less heat means that they are less of a fire risk because they do not overheat.

1000 Watt LED Flood Light
1000 Watt LED Flood Light

Here are some of the other known benefits of LED flood lights:

  1. Energy-saving –Typically, a flood light is switched on for about 12 hours a day and 7 days a week. Since LED outdoor flood lights are more energy efficient compared to halogen flood lights, this means a lot of savings in energy. Say, you are currently using a halogen flood light that has 1500 Watts with a lumen output of approximately 33000 Lm. You can replace it with an LED flood light that has 400 Watts with a lumen output of 40000 Lm. Imagine the electricity savings you will have with LED outdoor flood lights! You have the option to use only one light source that has higher lumen output as opposed to multiple light sources just to give ample lighting to an area.
  2. Better light quality – it has already been established above that an LED flood light with a lower wattage has a higher lumen output than a halogen flood light. This means that LED outdoor flood lights are brighter than halogen and other types of lighting. A single LED flood light can actually do the job of two or even three halogen flood lights. This can add up to your cost savings and it also saves time when you already need to replace your halogen flood lights. Because LEDs are brighter, you will need fewer lights, and thus you will have significant savings on electricity.
  3. Longer lifespan – you do not need to change your LED outdoor flood lights every so often because they last so much longer than halogen. LED flood lights can last up to 50,000 hours, so they could still be working even after 5 years. Although LED flood lights cost more to buy than halogen flood lights, you can still save a lot more money with LED outdoor flood lights because of the energy savings and the fact that they last longer.
  4. Light up a greater area – this benefit is important, especially if the flood lights are intended to brighten up a place that has a lot of people that come and go at night time. LED outdoor flood lights offer a lot more to those who need powerful lighting in areas where there are a lot of traffic.
  5. Can last the whole night – LED flood lights are a great set-up in business areas because you could leave the flood lights switched on at night. Unlike halogens that might burn out, LEDs will last throughout the night.
  6. Offer better security lighting – LED outdoor floodlight are quite important to keep your company safe. It can provide the lighting that you need within your premises and even outside of your property. These lights also look good at the same time. Because of the higher lumen output of LEDs, security guards will have an easier time to look at the surroundings. This is also great for surveillance cameras because the video capture will be clearer, which increases the security of the company. Employees who are in the night shift can also feel comfortable while working inside.

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