Design Details of Led Flood Light

With the acceleration of the modernization process, high-rise buildings have been built, led flood light will be more people to accept and appreciate.

As a commonly used technique in the process of building body building lighting, flood light is an important means to add “light” and “Cai” to building. So, what should be paid attention to in the design of flood light? 

1, master the shape of space features, from different angles mapping, to create the most attractive effect.  In the lighting design must consider the person’s sight, distance to the effect of lighting effects. 

2, the building environment in the light source layout should be primary and secondary clear, there are changes in contrast. Depending on the shape of the building, you can choose color illumination, which creates a noticeable color contrast between the front and side of the building. 

3, to enable pedestrians to see the volume of space in the distance, near to see the details of space. The main function of the wholesale led flood lights outdoor high power is to show the shape of the building and attract the people’s sight. 

4, should consider a variety of lighting combination of the mapping effect. 

5, should consider the space elements of different texture, different positions caused by different lighting effects. 

6, should consider the position of the cast light and the changes in the lighting of the building environment. 

At present, the cheap 120v led flood lights has basically replaced the past kind of festive lantern lighting, that is, green energy-saving and can better reflect the building’s three-dimensional and architectural image, especially for body building building night lighting project.

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