Lighting Design Requirements

1. The field lighting needs, play an important role in the construction of the stadium. The essence of a stadium, no matter the number of spectators it can accommodate or the spectacular appearance of the building, is to provide a standard and fair stage for the athletes of the competition and provide the spectators the opportunity to view the competition well

2. Can refer to the football stadium lighting design, quadrangle or two-sided design, focusing on “shadowless”, “glare” problem, of course, there is a very important one is to meet the lighting under the premise of light.

3, the light source selection

1) lighting installation of high stadiums, light sources should use metal halide lamp or high-power LED lights.

2) Lower ceiling, smaller indoor gymnasium, should adopt LED lights and low-power metal halide lamps.

3) Outdoor stadium should adopt high-power and medium-power LED lamps and metal halide lamps; indoor gym should use medium-power metal halide lamps and LED lights.

4) Emergency lighting should be used LED lights or fluorescent lights can be instantly activated, reliable lighting.

5) The light source should have a suitable color temperature, good color rendering, high luminous efficiency, long life and stable ignition and photoelectric properties.

4, lamps and accessories requirements

1) lamps and accessories safety performance should be consistent with the corresponding standards.

2) Lightning protection rating Meet the use of metal shell grounding I or II lighting fixture

3) Lamp efficiency: high-intensity discharge lamp is not less than 65%, grid fluorescent lamp is not less than 60%, transparent protective cover fluorescent light is not low At 65%.

4) lamps and lanterns should be equipped with light installation height, location and lighting requirements to adapt. Outdoor stadium should use a narrow beam and beam light fixture; Indoor Stadium should use the beam and wide beam LED flood light fixture.

5) Lamps should have anti-glare measures, while lamps and their accessories should meet the requirements of the use of the environment. Lamps should be high strength, corrosion resistance, electrical accessories to meet the requirements of heat resistance.

6) The lamps installed in the sky should choose light weight, small size, wind load factor of small products.

7) lamps and their accessories should be anti-fall measures.

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