stadium lighting

Introduction modern large-scale comprehensive stadium Hall (hereinafter referred to as the stadium Hall), it can not only satisfy all kinds of large-scale competitions and theatrical performances, but also can bear different large-scale exhibitions and rallies, which is divided into main and general venues, usually including Badminton Hall, table tennis Hall, volleyball hall, net Stadium, basketball court and other venues and supporting functional areas. 

Lighting is one of the most important links in the function of stadiums and gymnasiums, among which the emphasis of stadium lighting is the sport field lighting, the competition lighting, the second is general lighting, auditorium lighting, emergency lighting, site lighting, building façade lighting and road lighting system are all important parts of the stadium lighting. 

How to meet the scene lighting of various competitions and treat the lighting system of each part uniformly, so that the color temperature, illuminance, glare, color index to meet the required standards; This is not only the choice of lamps and lanterns, but also depends on the selection of the control system and how to arrange the matching of the lighting, which accurately expresses the requirements of the lighting of various competitions, The choice of intelligent lighting management system is a necessary choice for modern comprehensive functional sports venues.

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