1.Outdoor basketball courts lighting in Australia

It is an covered structural steelwork basketball court project. There are a total of 2 combined basketball courts, and each court installed 10pcs led flood lamps,each side is 5pcs lamps. One playing field is approx 31x16m and the lamps are mounted on the structural steelwork. The installation height for the basketball court is 8.5meter at the highest position and 7.5meter at the lowest position. The total amount of lamps are 20pcs 400W standard genius led flood lights. The average lux for one basketball court is about 427lux,and the uniformity is 0.69.

For another basketball court, the average lux is about 438lux,and the uniformity is 0.66.

Warehouse Lighting Project in Poland

2.Warehouse Lighting Project in Poland

The warehouse is one of our World Top 500 company client, due to the confidential agreement, we could not let you know which company, but we can still share the project lighting details with you.

That warehouse is for spares parts stocking, it separated into 2 different area, there is a parting lot in front of the storage rack, parking lot size 80x20m, average 300 ground lux level, unformity around 0.6. Total 15 pcs ZHGL-400A. For the rack area, customer want 200 lx in each Aisle, we use our High Bay X10 ZHHB-120A, and make it 220 lx, unformity 0.58.  And our customer is very happy of the lighting proformace.

Lighting Simulation of Small Region Application

3.Lighting Simulation of Small Region Application

This application requires a lot of lighting on a small area of interest(100,000 lux on a 500px x 500px area). The client requires to use a four light setup to illuminate the area from four corners, and the lights is about 1875px away for the centre of the area of interest as client's request. Thus we simulated with 4 sets 150W led flood lights with 20 degree beam angle, the average lux value is 126585lx.

Norway Tennis Court Design

4.Norway Tennis Court Design

It is tennis halls with 4 courts each. it is 14 lamps for each court(7 lamps on each side ) and use a rail along the side of the court to put the lamps on. The court is 36 m long and 16 m wide with safety zone. The playing field is approx 11*24 m and the lamps should be just outside of this. As you can see on the drawings. It will mean all lamps  will be hanging along the lowest height which is about 6 meter. Maybe 60 degree lamps will be a better option from 6 meters height.

The total amount of lamps will be 56 lamps 210W Led Genius Flood light. The Average lux is about 430lux.

Seaport Lighting Design in Valencia

5.Seaport Lighting Design in Valencia

The lighting design is for a crane lighting project in Port of Valencia in Spain. We use Genius 400W floodlight for RMG Crane lighting simulation and the working area can reach 300lx. The mounting heat is around 40 meters and we tried to make a enconomical solution for client.Customer in Spain was very happy about the design and placed orders to our distributor in Spain.

WB Parking Lot Project in Hong Kong

6.WB Parking Lot Lighting Project in Hong Kong

Hong Kong WB Shopping Mall, the project have 3 parts: 1. Parking Lot, Wall Pack,  Billboard wall washer.

25 pcs for wall pack and 25 pcs for washer, total 9 poles on the parking lot, each pole  installed 4 pcs HID street light, customer wants better lighting proformance, so replaced with 4 pcs 180W GeniusTM Compact.

Astro-turf Playground Lighting Project in United Kingdom High School

7.Astro-turf Playground Lighting Project in United Kingdom High School

Astri-turf Sport Court LED project in U.K,it is for a high school students playground and competition,the field is a combination of football,netball and x3 Tennic Courts,previous installed x2 2kw metal hallde lights on each column,the customer wants more lumens and saving more of electricity.We've tried Genius Ultra ZHGL-1000P-L15 x1 on cornors and x2 ZHGL-1000P on middle of the sidelines,total 16 pcs,average ground lux level 310 1x,unformity around 0.62.Customers are very pleased with the lighting promance of the field.

Onslow Multipurpose Basketball Courts Lighting and Power Layout in Australia

8.Onslow Multipurpose Basketball Courts Lighting and Power Layout in Australia

It is an outside basketball court project. The court is installed 6pcs led flood lights,

each side has 3pcs units.

The playing field is approx 31x16m and the lamps are mounted on the pole.

There are 3pcs poles with a height of 8 meter on each side.

The installation height for the lamps is also 8 meter.

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