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Welcome to table tennis lighting by Razorlux! Here, you’ll find tennis court lighting in full-package form: Every package below ships with poles, LED fixtures, and all the necessary mounting hardware.

We have both single and multi tennis court lighting solutions, both of which can be easily modified to account for high-wind locations, high-CRI needs, Kelvin temperatures, and more.

The four levels of play to which these courts are designed are:

Recreation: 20-30 Average Foot Candles
Club: 30-60 Average Foot Candles
Competition: 60-80 Average Foot Candles
NCAA/Televised: 90+ Foot Candles

A standard tennis court covers an area of not less than 670 square meters (north-south long 36.6 meters (north-South) x things wide 18.3 meters), this size is a standard tennis court surrounded mesh or interior walls of the net size.

In this area, the standard size of the effective doubles venue is: 23.77 meters (long) x10.98 meters (wide), effective singles venues, the standard size is: 23.77 meters (long) x8.23 (wide), after each line should leave room for no less than 6.40 meters, in each side should leave room for less than 3.66 meters.

In the course of the installation of the grid pillar, two column center measurement, the column spacing is 12.80 meters, the top of the grid column from the ground is 1.07 meters.

1, 3, professional advice:

1, tennis court lighting should use metal halide lamp (white light) or LED flood lighting,

2, lighting should use floodlight, reflector should be clear, the best use of integrated lighting;

3, light source power according to lamp height, cloth lamp density and illumination.

4, according to the different level of competition, lighting can be grouped control,

5, the lamp height in 6-8 meters, installed in the upper position of the person’s view,

6, lamp spacing is larger, can be appropriate to reduce the glare degree;

Get the most out of your tennis courts with the ability to play all night. Just be sure to choose efficient light fixtures that will not run up your electric bill so you can spend your budget on new rackets instead! Need help choosing the best option for your court? Just give our lighting experts a call and they can help you with your purchase. contact us at email:

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