table tennis led lighting

What are the lighting requirements for the table tennis room?

According to national standards, this table tennis LED lighting requirement is cited:

II Non-competition and recreational activities

Horizontal Lux (Lux) 300

Horizontal illuminance evenness U1>0.4, U2>0.6

According to each ball table covers an area of 3.5m x 7.5m, 6 tables are placed in the room

Three 3*36W fluorescent plates are used above each table.

Table tennis lighting indoor illuminance >300 Lux and table illuminance >500 Lux

In order to ensure that television broadcasts are clear images, the Olympic Games require a lighting level of 1500 to 2500 lux. The illumination of all the tables is the same. If a temporary light source needs to be added for reasons such as television transmission, the angle of light from above the ceiling should be greater than 75 degrees.

The illumination in other parts of the competition area shall not be less than 1/2 of the illumination of the competition table, and the light source shall not be less than 5 meters from the ground. The surrounding area should be generally dark in color, and the illumination on the audience should be significantly lower than that of the competition area, and the natural light of dazzling light sources and unobstructed windows should be avoided.

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