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What Are The Lighting Standard Of Marine Flood Lights?

When it comes to marine flood lights , the first factor we consider is whether the lamp can be waterproof. If the lamp's waterproof performance is not good, the lamp will break down very quickly. The second factor to consider is how the lamp's corrosion resistance is, and the shell will rust if it is used. After all, the appearance is also very important. The third factor to consider is the illuminance of the lamp and how far it can be. With these questions, how do we determine the industry standards for marine lighting ?

Waterproof marine high intensity led flood light are designed to offer a high-intensity light source to outdoor areas often covering a widespread area, such as a boat deck, marina or industrial unit.

The modern boat and port industry are divided into regional lighting systems such as shipbuilding construction, factory and cargo yards, and ship body configuration. Due to the inherent characteristics of the industry, there are unique requirements for lighting.

Standard for Supplemental Requirements for Luminaires for Installation on Marine Vessels

(1) Construction of shipbuilding Modern ship repairing ushered in the era of big ship mega-hanging. The tonnage is getting bigger and bigger, the cabin space is getting bigger and bigger, and the interior construction of the cabin has to use a lot of construction lighting. Since the construction in the cabin is a typical metal environment, there is a great risk of electric shock. Voltage specification. In-cabin construction lighting must use safe voltage lighting below 36V, otherwise it is a violation of safe electricity specifications.

The traditional light source south provides low voltage lighting of 36V and below. At present, it has to use 220V lighting voltage in violation of regulations, which is easy to cause safety accidents, especially in hot summer, high temperature is very easy to damage the cable, electric shock accidents occur frequently, and it is impossible to prevent, which causes safety production for enterprises. Great impact. LED lighting can perfectly meet the low voltage lighting requirements of this dung work area.

(2) Plants and material yards, which are of high spatial and wide area, require floodlighting. Because it is generally in a harsh environment, the lamps are required to have good protection performance and anti-corrosion performance.

marine led flood lights

(3) Boat body configuration, this kind of area is the space of the hull itself, requiring uniform and soft lighting, and has high requirements on the protective performance, anti-shock performance and energy-saving performance of the luminaire. At present, conventional lamps equipped with fluorescent light sources are generally used, which have short life, poor earthquake resistance, low luminous efficiency, and large maintenance workload and maintenance costs. Waterproof marine high intensity led flood light  can be excellent for low voltage lighting requirements in such work areas.


We know that quality matters, so here at Razorlux we are constantly working with our designers as well as our engineers to improve our products whenever we can. With our LED IP68 marine grade floodlights and streetlight, we have made some fantastic improvements by using the high output LED chip. By doing this we have been successful in lowering the wattage by almost 50% to achieve the same Lumen output. What this means is, where before you would have had to install a 150-watt Marine grade floodlight or streetlight, you can now install a 100-watt and get the same results. This means that your energy consumption is reduced by yet a further 50% as well as your CO2 levels.


All of our IP68 Marine Grade flood lights or streetlights are made to order due to the very stringent testing that is involved for this top end quality product, this means we do not carry this item in stock. The standard Marine Grade flood lights are for Coastal areas on land only. For applications our at sea then the Modular Marine Grade flood light with the powder coating is recommended. If the standard Marine grade flood light is going to be used out at sea on ships for example then they will require still further sea paint coating on top of the original paint. Here at Razorlux we have proved yet again that we are consistently working to bring you the very best LED products for the Global market.


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