With the development of the economy, cars have become a common means of transportation for people. The city parking lot enables the cars in the city to operate normally and smoothly. The parking lot is developing into an indispensable component of the city, and its illumination should also be taken seriously.
LED lighting in the parking lot is both a guarantee of use and a need to ensure property and personal safety;

parking lot lighting
parking lot lighting

Illumination standard for outdoor parking lot: Refer to the current national standard “Outdoor Workplace Lighting Design Standard” GB 50582-2010, and “City Road Lighting Design Standard” CJJ 45-2015 related standards for all types of outdoor parking lot illumination indicators There are related requirements. GB 50582-2010 stipulates that “Class I (>400 vehicles) parking lot, the standard value of horizontal illumination is 30lx, and the uniformity of horizontal illumination needs to reach 0.25 or more”.

CJJ45-2015 stipulates: “According to the traffic volume, the parking lot with high traffic volume, the average horizontal illumination Eh, av (lx) maintains a value of 20lx, and the illumination uniformity needs to reach 0.25 or more.”

For the parking lot entrance and toll collection, “Outdoor Workplace Lighting Design Standards” GB 50582-2010 stipulates that “the illumination of the entrance and toll booths of the parking lot shall not be less than 50lx.” This parking lot adopts Class I illumination of GB 50582-2010. Standard, horizontal illumination standard value is 30lx.

Outdoor parking lot lighting quality requirements: In addition to the basic illumination requirements for the lighting of the parking lot, other such as the uniformity of illumination; the color rendering of the light source, the color temperature requirements; glare is also an important indicator to measure the quality of lighting. High-quality venue lighting creates a relaxed and visual environment for drivers and pedestrians.

LED parking lot lights
LED parking lot lights

Outdoor parking lot lighting method: 1, using conventional street lighting, using street light poles, single-head or double-head LED street light poles with a height of 6 meters to 8 meters, installation spacing of about 20 meters – 25 meters, LED street lights Power: 60W-120W;

2, the use of high pole lighting, high pole lighting method to reduce the number of redundant wiring and fixture installation, high pole lights

Advantageous lighting range is wide and easy to maintain; LED floodlights: 10 sets – 15 sets; power: 200W-300W;

Lighting analysis and requirements for each component of the parking lot

  1. Entrances and exits – entrances and exits of parking lots need to check the verification parts, charge, identify the driver’s face, facilitate communication between the staff and the driver; the railings, the facilities on both sides of the entrance and exit, and the ground must provide corresponding lighting to ensure the safety of the driver. Driving, therefore, the lighting here should be properly reinforced and provide targeted lighting for these operations. GB 50582-2010 stipulates that the illumination of the entrance and toll of the parking lot should not be lower than 50lx.

2, signs, markings – the signs in the yard are required to be seen by being illuminated, so the lighting should be taken into account when designing the lighting. Then there is the marking on the ground. When setting up the lighting, you should ensure that all the markings are clearly displayed.

3, body parking space – the illumination requirements of the parking space, to ensure that the ground markings, ground locks, isolation railings are clearly displayed to ensure that the driver does not hit the ground obstacles due to insufficient illumination when entering the parking space. After the vehicle is parked in place, the body needs to be displayed with appropriate lighting to facilitate identification by other drivers and access to the vehicle.

  1. Pedestrian route – When pedestrians take the car or get off, there will be a walking road. This section of the road should consider the lighting according to the ordinary pedestrian road, providing suitable ground lighting and vertical lighting. The pedestrian route of this yard is mixed with the roadway and is considered according to the standard of the roadway.

5, environmental interference – for the sake of safety and identification needs, the parking lot environment should have a certain amount of lighting.

However, the impact on the off-site environment should be reduced. After all, vehicles or parking lots are not aesthetic decorations in the public environment, and they may damage the original harmony of the environment.

The above problems can be improved by arranging the lamps, and an array is formed around the parking lot by providing a continuous light pole, which can function as a line of sight barrier, so as to achieve an isolation effect inside and outside the parking lot.

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