Maintenance of LED Flood Lights

LED flood lights as a replacement products of electric light source have been recognized by more and more people, and has also been applied in many fields.

Its features of low energy consumption, environmental protection, no flash, making it has a much wider range of application, then, in order to ensure its service life, the daily maintenance of LED flood lights is very important.

Regularly eliminate the dust and dirt on the light housing, improve lighting efficiency and heat dissipation. Cleaning method can use water or wiping with a damp cloth according to the protection capability of the lights enclosure. When clean with spray water, power should be cut off, do not scrub the plastic housing with a dry cloth, to prevent static electricity.

LED flood lights

1. Check whether the transparent parts of the traces of foreign impact, whether the rotection network are loose, desoldering, corrosion and so on of the traces of the protective network whether loose, desoldering, corrosive and so on. If so, should stop using, timely maintenance and replace.

2. Turn off the lights promptly if light source is damaged, and notify the replacement, so as to avoid the light source can not be started, otherwise, the ballast and other electrical components will be in the long-term abnormal state.

3. Lights used in humid environment, if there is water in the lights cavity,   should be promptly removed, replace the sealing parts to ensure that the protective performance of shell.

4. When open the lampshade, should open the lid after power off as the warning sign requirements.

5.Check whether the rubber seal hardened or become sticky, wire insulation is green or carbonized, insulation and electrical components are deformed or scorch marks after opening the cover. If you find these problems, should promptly replace.

The sealed part of the light should not be disassembled and opened frequently.

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