Basketball court lighting

Must basketball court lighting have four light color performances and qualities at the same time?

The experience of the basketball court lighting project of urban residents’ fitness training shows that, in order to guarantee the quality and effect of sports hall lighting, basketball court lights should have four unique professional technical performances and qualities. What is the mechanism behind this?

The first is because: When the folk basketball lights are finished in lighting design and lighting (lights), they are badminton courts, table tennis halls, and basketball courts. From the lighting point of view, it is no longer a building space, but a light-colored physical three-dimensional space composed of outdoor basketball court lighting fixtures.

The second is because: In this light-colored physical three-dimensional space, there is a relatively stationary, fixed light environment. There are also various kinds of balls flying in the air, and there are also random players who play sports.

The third reason is that: More importantly, there are static and dynamic, dynamic and dynamic, multiple, between the fixed light environment of the stadium and the flying sphere and the sports player, and between the sphere and the human. Dynamic interactions. And the physiological and psychological effects produced by this interaction through the human visual perception system.

The fourth reason is: In sports stadium lighting, basketball court lighting outdoor and other stadium lightings, resulting in physiological and psychological effects. In the end, people who play basketball will have a psychological preference for sports venues. The preference of the players will ultimately affect the ticket price and operating efficiency of sports venues.

It can be seen that the lighting quality and effect of the venue lighting are very important hardware conditions for stadium lighting. It can be seen from this that in order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the lighting of the basketball hall, the stadium lights must be available at the same time to meet the lighting characteristics of the sports stadiums. There are four professional technical performances and qualities.

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