Wholesale marine led flood light

Navigation lights and signal systems

(1) navigation lights

The navigation light is an independent part of the marine lighting system and is an important light signal to ensure that the ship sails safely at night. In any case, it must be guaranteed to be bright to indicate the location, status, type, presence or absence of tugs, etc. of the ship, so as to prevent misunderstandings of the surrounding or past ships and cause marine accidents.

wholesale marine led flood light consist of front lights, main lights, tail lights, left and right side lights, and front and rear anchor lights. They are used for night navigation of ships and indicate the status and corresponding position of ships. The navigation platform is equipped with a special navigation light control box or control panel, which is powered by the main switchboard and the emergency switchboard. The navigation light bulb is generally a 60W twin wire incandescent lamp. Each fixture is a double set, one of which is used as a backup and can be switched on the control box.

(2) Signal light

The signal light is the light sign of the ship under various special conditions, especially at night, it is also an indispensable tool for communication and communication. The control of the signal light is generally concentrated on the bridge and requires two-way power supply. There are many kinds of signal lights. In order to adapt to the special requirements of ports and narrow waterways in certain countries, the signalling of ocean-going ships is complicated.

 These signal lights of marine boat are usually installed on the dedicated signal tower or radar dome on the top of the bridge. In accordance with the specified number of 8 red, green, white and other colors of the ring lamp is divided into two or three rows of installation. Its arrangement and configuration should meet relevant regulations.

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