LED street lights

The current LED lighting market is rapidly expanding and is expected to reach 31.2 billion U.S. dollars by 2018. With this business opportunity, more LED technologies have emerged. The University of Hong Kong pioneered the theory of “unified solar, thermal and power” and developed new LED drivers and transformers , Claimed to solve the problem of uneven LED street light bulbs due to long-term use, and the life of LED bulbs can be extended to 10 years.

Previous LED bulbs only focused on the interaction of three elements of light, heat and electricity. However, the theory of “unified” is a combination of light, heat, electricity and color. The technology can accurately adjust the brightness and color temperature of LED bulbs and Reduce the bulb due to temperature and parts aging caused by uneven color.

Research units in order to apply theory to the market, but also developed a corresponding LED driver and transformer. The driver is different from the conventional liquid electrolytic container, easy to affect the light output due to temperature, the solid electrolytic container can withstand a huge temperature difference, there will be no problem of uneven light emission. The LED transformer is composed of iron and copper wire, compared with the current use of semiconductor chips, the lower the loss rate, and 85% of the parts can be reused to reduce LED electronic waste.

Dr. Xu Shuyuan, a leading research scientist, said the new LED driver is an improved street light. In addition to its more accurate color temperature, the life of LED energy-saving street light has been raised from 3 years to more than 10 years. The new LED street light has been used in outdoor lighting, About 300 street lights have been installed in Guangdong and plans to expand the installation to 8,000 street lights. Xu Shuyuan pointed out that if Hong Kong can widely use LED street light, estimated savings of 30% to 40% of the electricity.

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