400w Led Flood Light

Through the control of the built-in microchip, it can be used without any controller in small-sized engineering applications, and can achieve the dynamic effects of gradual change, transition, color flickering, random flickering and gradual alternation, and can also realize chasing and scanning through DMX control Other effects.

The main application areas include these: monolithic buildings, led flood light for historic buildings, light illumination in buildings, local interior lighting, landscaping lighting, billboard lighting, medical facilities and other specialized facilities, bars, dance halls, etc. Entertainment atmosphere atmosphere and so on.

Zhihai Lighting! example tennis club in China Tennis Academy 2 and makes frequent breakdowns in No. 3 tennis courts, for inefficient and impractical Metal Halide lights has been replaced with the specially designed high-efficiency, long-life 400W LED flood lights. According to the ATP measurement method after renewal, the illumination increased from about 300 lux at 15 points to about 500 lux with an increase of about 60 lux. Energy consumption per cortion decreased by 65% to 8.8 kWh / h at 3.05 kWh / h, and the Emax / Emin ratio, which criticizes homogeneous enlightenment, tended to be 1.39. 

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