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LED Flood Lights Light Source Application
Oct 17, 2017

In the literal sense, led floodlight is to apply LED light source on the floodlight.

When it comes to led floodlight, we must first understand what a floodlight is. LED Flood Lights The floodlight is different from the ordinary point light source, it is a point light source which can illuminate evenly in all directions. The illumination is displayed in the scene as an icon of the eight-face body. The illumination range of the floodlight can be adjusted freely, which makes it widely used in the production of the effect graph. The English name of Floodlight is floodlight. LED floodlight is led lamp beads as a light source of a floodlight. LED Flood Lights It has all the characteristics of LED lamps and lanterns, is a kind of lighting effect relatively good light source.

LED floodlight has the characteristics of high diffuse,LED Flood Lights no directionality and blurred contour. The shadows produced by this beam are transparent, with no hint of illumination,LED Flood Lights and the speed of light fading is very slow compared with the ordinary spotlight. So the LED floodlight looks like a light source without shading.

Generally in the small current, led floodlight temperature rise is not very obvious. However, if the environment stabilizes to a certain extent, the main wavelength of LED floodlight will be red shift, brightness is reduced, and luminous uniformity is worse. And the stability is reduced. LED Flood Lights Therefore, the application of LED floodlight when the thermal design must be safe and reliable.

1. Led floodlight usually uses high purity aluminum plate as reflective board, LED Flood Lights so the beam is very accurate and the reflection effect is very good.

2, the floodlight uses the back-open lamp replacement design, the maintenance is very convenient.

3. Symmetric narrow angle, wide angle and asymmetric light distribution system.

4, in order to facilitate the adjustment of the angle of irradiation, led floodlights are generally designed with scale board

5, energy-saving and environmental protection, high stability, LED Flood Lights long service life, recyclable.

The popularization of LED lamps makes our life more safe and comfortable. LED floodlight in commercial lighting, landscape lighting, road lighting widely used in our lives everywhere: such as street lamps, stadium lights, concert lights.