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LED Spot Lights High Light Efficiency
Nov 06, 2017

LED spotlights have been used more and more widely in ordinary families. The current LED spotlights are replaced by traditional halogen-tungsten spotlights, LED Spot Lights which are limited by their appearance and installation requirements, which makes the design of LED spotlights face many difficulties. In the range of existing spotlights, it is difficult to achieve the optimal high power and high luminous flux of an LED spotlight. How to fully reflect the long life of LED, high light efficiency, controllability and other characteristics, so that people can enjoy the colorful lighting, to obtain more affordable, more secure and reliable LED products, but also we need to do more research.

Spotlights are typical without the main lamp, the scale of modern school lighting, can create indoor lighting atmosphere, if a row of small spotlights combined, LED Spot Lights the light can change the wonderful pattern. Because the small spotlights can freely transform the angle, the effect of combined lighting is also changing. Spotlights light soft, elegant, it can also local lighting, foil atmosphere.

LED spotlights the English name is led spotlights, LED Spot Lights it is now the most concerned about energy-saving environmental protection products, led as a light-emitting source made of more and more lamps, one of the most favorable is led spotlights, because compared with other LED lamps, LED spotlights higher cost-effective. LED spotlights use Low-voltage DC power can be driven: the advantages of small load, weak interference, low requirements for the use of the environment. LED spotlights can well control the composition of the luminous spectrum, which can be used in museums and the local or the key lighting in the exhibition hall. LED Spotlights light directivity is very strong: the brightness attenuation is much lower than the traditional light source, led spotlights the price of civilians. LED light response time is very fast: at the microsecond level, as long as the switch is open, it will be lit immediately, there will be no delay and flicker phenomenon. LED spotlights emit a high concentration of light energy: concentrated in a smaller wavelength window, high purity. Life is very long, generally between 50,000-100,000 hours, LED Spot Lights because the LED is a semiconductor device, even the frequent switch, will not affect the service life. Good environmental protection, led spotlights in the production process do not add "Mercury", do not need to inflate, do not need a glass shell, good impact resistance, good seismic resistance, not easy to break, easy to transport, LED Spot Lights very environmentally friendly, known as "green energy", led spotlights the price of civilians. Energy-saving, led spotlights almost all of the spectrum concentrated in the visible frequency band, its luminous efficiency can reach $number. LED Spot Lights Generally speaking, energy-saving lamps can save energy 4/5 is a great pioneering, but led spotlights than energy-saving lamps and energy-saving 1/2, this is a solid source of greater reform.