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What Are The Advantages Of High Power Led Flood Light?
Jan 03, 2018

Advantage One: The illumination angle adjusts the LED floodlight is actually a kind of spotlight, its illumination angle can adjust, therefore its use more has the flexibility. And the general floodlight will have the angle to adjust the dial plate, according to the label of the scale board to adjust to make the installation more accurate. 

500w Led FloodLight.jpg

Advantage Two: Wide range of applications the size of wholesale 500w led flood light is very small for other lighting fixtures, so it can be adapted to a wider installation site. Lighting in the use of the process is not prone to damage problems, nor because the use of time is too long and fever, so its service life is also relatively long. 

Three advantages: The lighting effect is good because in fact the floodlight is a spotlight, with a concentrated lighting function, so the China brightest led flood light effect is very good. The light color is bright, and the color purity is high, also not dazzling, the light is soft. In addition because the LED floodlight light efficiency, low power consumption, so in the use of the process is very electricity.