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What Led Football Stadium Lights Are Suitable For 11 People's Football Field?
Dec 27, 2017

China football stadium lights, its special lamps should normally be installed 500 watts, 600 watts and 800 Watts three, to meet the different weather and light conditions, night games on the field luminous flux, color rendering and color temperature requirements. The quality of the field lighting is mainly determined by illuminance level, illuminance uniformity, and glare control degree. The degree of glare produced by a luminaire depends on the density of the lamp, the direction of the projection and the quantity. 

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By controlling the beam to achieve a high illuminance, low glare of the female. There are several kinds of schemes, because the site environment and the use of different, the requirements are different. such as international competitions, need to live on TV, this brightness requirements higher, clearer, need to provide data requirements of the design. General amateur competitions, school competitions, not related to television broadcasts. That's a general requirement. 11 People football field, with 4 lamp poles, each lamp pole installed 8 to 12 500W LED lights can be combined with 32 to 48 500WLED headlamps to meet the requirements. The stadium pole is very high, so we suggest you buy the high quality Led Stadium Lighting, otherwise repairs super trouble.