Outdoor LED Spot Light Bulb

70W Outdoor LED Spot Light 3000K Warm White

Introduction of Outdoor LED Spot Light:

LED spot light has small volume, low heat, long life, theoretical life of 50,000-80,000 hours, traditional spotlights such as cold light spotlight, transmission spotlight, tungsten lamp life is generally 200-500 hours (the gap is very obvious), solid-state light, no inflatable, no stroboscopic, maintenance-free advantages, 8-10 times more energy-saving than the traditional spotlight under the same illuminance. Is the stage, studio lighting ideal lamps.

Because good lighting also means quality work. A new generation of LED spot lights: Razorlux lighting, not just certain points. Single LED layout for 100 ° dispersion angle. For homogeneous lighting with color similar to daylight. With stable support, extendable up to a height of 2.00 m. Extremely robust and durable with 50,000 hours of illumination.

Typical application of 70W Outdoor LED Spot Light:

70w outdoor led spot light is  an special design for outdoor project such as evening event performance, fountain show, parks, hotel, bridge brighten etc.


Parameters of 70W Outdoor LED Spot Light:

Power ConsumptionLEDs63W
Initial Lumen Lamp(6000K)7700Im
Replace HID Lamp150-200W
Net Weight4kg (8.8lbs)
Color Temperature2000K-6000K
Color RenderingRa80
Working Life50000Hrs
Housiong MaterialAluminum
Insulation ClassClass I (Upgradeable to Class II)
Working Temperature 2700-6000K
Working Humidity10% ~ 95%
AC Input80 ~ 315Vac, (347Vac available on request)
DC Input80 ~ 400Vdc, (12Vdc, 24Vdc and other input available on request)
Power Factor0.98
WarrantyLED Module5 year
Driver5 year
Housing10 year
50 Watt LED Spot Light

Packaging & Shipping of 70W Outdoor LED Spot Light:

Model of led light garden spot lightsPcs per CartonCarton Gross Weight (Kg)Carton Dimension (mm)Carton Size (CBM)

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