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Introduction fo Outdoor Stadium Lighting:

Lighting plays a role in any location, but it is especially important at sporting event locations. When it comes to outdoor stadium lighting, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are a few suggestions to help you get the most out of your outdoor stadium lighting solutions.

Razorlux offers the latest high-efficiency LED stadium lighting systems, providing a complete lighting solution with the PerfectPlay wireless control system with integrated LED floodlights, for all types of outdoor sports and taking into account the requirements from the smallest through to the most complex outdoor sports facility.


400w outdoor stadium lighting

Description of Outdoor Stadium Lighting:

1. The safety of led stadium light and accessories should meet the requirements of the corresponding standards.

2. lighting protection grade of electric shock is in accordance with the selection of metal shell grounding of I or II lamps

3. lamp efficiency: High-intensity gas discharge lamp is not less than 65%, grille fluorescent lamp not less than 60%, transparent protective cover fluorescent lamp is not less than 65%.

4. outdoor stadium lighting should be fitted with the installation height, position and lighting requirements. In the outdoor stadium, narrow beam and medium beam lamps should be selected, and medium and wide beam lamps should be used in indoor gymnasium.

5. lighting should have anti-glare measures, and lamps and accessories should meet the requirements of the use of the environment. Lamps should be of high strength, corrosion resistance, electrical accessories to meet the requirements of the heat-resistant grade.

6. installed in the high altitude of the lamps should choose the light weight, small size, small wind load coefficient of products.

7. Lighting and accessories should be fall-proof measures.

Typical Applications of Outdoor Stadium Lighting:

400w outdoor stadium lighting  is a carefully designed high-performance, multi-functional use of large space lighting, professional design with light curve; suitable for large space venues, such as industrial factories, stadiums, supermarkets, Exhibition Center and so on.

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