400w flood light

Explosion-proof led flood lights, lampshades should be able to automatically cut off the power before opening. However, due to the complexity of setting the interlock device, not easy to achieve, so most of the lamps and lanterns in the case only clearly set “prohibited live open” and other words warning signs. 

Because of the lamp surface temperature is still high after the power is off, such as immediately open the lamp cover, there is still the danger of igniting the explosive gas mixture (mainly means explosion-proof structure), so the incandescent lamp, high pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp , But also to quickly open the lid of the lamp should pay attention to this. The unit uses more CeY-1-type explosion-proof fluorescent lamp with a cover open power interlock mechanism for maintenance work provides a convenient and safeguards. Due to 200w led flood light source for cold light, there is no surface temperature, power can be opened immediately after the cover.

 Explosion-proof lamp explosion-proof joint surface should be properly protected, no damage when the lamp is replaced (tube); After cleaning the explosion-proof surface should be coated with phosphatizing paste or 204-1 anti-rust oil, non-brushing other paint; No rust layer on the surface, if minor rust, after cleaning should be no pomme phenomenon. For dust-proof, waterproof seals must be used to ensure good integrity, which is an important increase in safety 200w led flood light. If the seal is damaged seriously, use the same size and same type of seal to be replaced, if necessary, replace the entire lamp. Maintenance should pay attention to the shade is intact, if the rupture should be replaced immediately.

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