motion sensor

Photocell Sensor Instruction

Razorlux LED lights can be built in photocell switch system without any external light photocell controller. The natural light is stronger at day, so the light with photocell will be off. The natural light is weak atnight, the light will be turned on by itself. Of course, we can adjust the illumination intensity of the lights as customer’s requirement.


The photocell head is installed on the terminal of the LED lights or the place where there is natural light. We need to clean it sometime later and avoid some shelters or leaf to affect the sensitivity.

We will set optical intensity as customers’ requirement during production. Usually, we set the limit at 50lux which is considered to be the limit  LED lights intensity between day and night, the sensor works like this:

If surrounding light intensity>50Lux, the light will be off.

If surrounding light intensity<50Lux ,light will be on.

Microwave Motion Sensor Instruction

Razorlux LED lights also can realize microwave motion sensor function. The light will need an external microwave sensor switch system. Microwave radar sensor switch is the moving object detector designed by the principle of Doppler Effect. It detects whether the objects’ location move or not by no-contact ways, and then outcome corresponding switch. So it realizes that light on when people come and  LED lights off when people leave.

The motion sensor has a strong anti-interference ability and it is independent of temperature, humidity, LED lights, air, dust, and other effects. It can be installed in non-metal objects such as a certain thickness of plastic, glass, wood and there is not any effect on its detected function. Also, it can be conveniently used for device control, Environment-assisted light control, underground parking area, tunnel lighting and other lighting applications where needs intelligent lighting control system.

Specs for Microwave motion sensor:

DetectionAngle:Front Hemisphere180°

Sensing Distance:About 15m

Working Voltage:AC220V

Output Ways:AC220V

Maximum Load power:400W

Delay Time:As customer’s requirement

Working Temperature:-25℃~+50℃

Working Humidity:No more than 93% RH

Waterproof:Available(Avoid Splash and bubbling in the water).

Installation:Indoor, ceiling or vertical mounted

Installation Height:12~15m

Stand-by Power Consumption:≤0.7W

Shell Size: Φ77×25mm

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