200W LED Flood Light

Port lighting requirements:

For the port lighting of the dock, the floodlights should be installed at the periphery of the boundary so that the lights are not affected by obstacles in the work area, that is, where the goods are loaded and unloaded. This arrangement may cause shadows on the deck of the ship that is moored on the shore at low tide. Therefore, there must be floodlighting on the deck and on the crane arm.

Docks and deck luminaires must be resistant to marine saline environments; commonly used materials are die-cast aluminum, brass, stainless steel and other plastics. Also, make sure that the lighting on the side of the dock does not interfere with the navigation lights.

Parameter of Port Lighting:

Ultria Genius  Genius Ⅱ

Model of 400w led flood light

Beam Angle 40° 60° 120° 140°
Stable Flux(5700K after 1 hour) 52000lm
Dimension 474X388X982mm
Power Consumption  LEDs 360W
Power Supply   40W
Total 400W
Replace HID Lamp 800~1000W
Net Weight 15KG
Color Temperature 5700K (2700~6500K available on request)
Color Rendering Ra75(Ra80,Ra90 available on request)
Working Life 50000Hrs
Housing Material Aluminum & Powder coating
Coating Zinc Rich Paint
IP Class IP 67 
Insulation Class Class I
Working Temperature -40C ~ 60C / -40F ~ 140F
Working Humidity 10% – 95%
AC Input 80~315Vac, (347Vac available on request)
THD <10%
Power Factor 0.98
5 years

Port terminal lighting fixture selection considerations:

  1. High power: Since the height of the gantry crane is about tens of meters, it has the characteristics of wide adaptability and large working range. In order to meet the illumination requirements of the working surface, the power of the general luminaire should be above 400W.
  2. Long service life: Due to the high height of the gantry crane, it is not easy to repair after the lamp is damaged, so it is necessary to install a lamp with a long service life.
  3. Safe and reliable: There are many kinds of goods on the port terminal and the environment is complex. It is necessary to configure safe and reliable lighting fixtures to ensure the lighting safety of the port terminal and prevent fire events caused by short-circuit of the lamps.
  4. High degree of protection: The port is in a humid environment all year round, so the waterproof and dustproof level of the lamp is required to be high. The lamp with high protection level can prevent water vapor from entering the inside of the lamp body and prolong the service life of the lamp. The lamp housing is made of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting, and the outer surface is treated by high-pressure electrostatic spray to improve the overall anti-corrosion level of the product. The whole lamp has an independent heat dissipation system, the drive is external, and the power supply is internally sealed with a rubber seal to provide heat dissipation. Waterproof, the protection level of the luminaire reaches IP65, and there is no fear of the wet environment of the port terminal.
    5, good light transmission: due to the relatively heavy fog at the port terminal, in order to meet the illumination requirements of the port terminal working surface, it is necessary to use light-transparent lighting fixtures.

Why choose Razorlux port lighting?

  1. Selecting international famous brand lamp beads as the light source, low energy consumption and high luminous efficiency, saving a lot of maintenance costs for the port terminal.
  2. The lamp lens uses high-transparent imported PC material, the light effect is even and soft, and it has two kinds of light distribution models: projecting light and flooding, which can meet different site lighting requirements. The RGL2 led flood light is available in a variety of mounting styles, including seat, wall and ceiling, to meet the installation needs of different locations.

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