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Portable field lights can be described as a floodlight tower designed to illuminate large spaces. In this case, the bulbs in the floodlight emit LED light, which is bright, focused, and covers a large area depending on the height of the tower. The towers can be permanently fixed to a certain spot, or mobile. Light towers are powered in different ways, some of which are covered below:

A floodlight is an illuminating fixture that is found at the top of a mobile light tower. Floodlights are usually composed of several large light bulbs that emit intense light beams outwards. The type of light technology used in the bulbs is different for every floodlight, and popular ones include LED lighting, Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL), and halogen lighting. The most preferred lights today are LED ones because of several reasons.

portable field lights
portable field lights

Features of portable field lights:

  1. Mobility makes lighting more flexible and convenient
  2. High lumen with 130lm/w and super bright
  3. New powerful LED light released, ultra solution for professional applications
  4. 800W to 1400W double Genius Model with flexible installation
  5. Flexible and reliable stainless steel mounting system
  6. Euipped with Meanwell Driver

Parameter of portable field lights:

Ultria Genius  Genius Ⅱ

Model of portable field lights

Beam Angle 15° 20° 30°
Stable Flux(5700K after 1 hour) 130000lm
Dimension 474X388X982mm
Power Consumption  LEDs 900W
Power Supply   100W
Total 1000W
Replace HID Lamp 2200~2500W
Net Weight 30kg (66lbs)
Color Temperature 5700K (2700~6500K available on request)
Color Rendering Ra75(Ra80,Ra90 available on request)
Working Life 50000Hrs
Housing Material Aluminum & Powder coating
Coating Zinc Rich Paint
IP Class IP 67 
Insulation Class Class I
Working Temperature -40C ~ 60C / -40F ~ 140F
Working Humidity 10% – 95%
AC Input 80~315Vac, (347Vac available on request)
THD <10%
Power Factor 0.98
5 years

Lighting affects how athletes and fans feel on the playing field. The warm and friendly atmosphere and high visibility will enhance their experience and performance and make fans become repeat customers.

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