parking lot light

Radar induction parking lot light with its high sensitivity, while can achieve installation concealment, this is known from radar induction working principle. So radar sensors are increasingly being used in underground car parks, staircases, and wardrobes. Due to the high sensitivity of induction, the improper installation will lead to the failure of the normal operation.

So, when installing multiple radar induction parking lot lights, how much space between them is appropriate?

After many practice tests, the interval between the two lamps is more than 1.8 meters, basically no interference.

If you want to save more energy, you can choose smart parking lot light , but there are two points to note when using smart bulbs in an underground garage.

1. Do not choose the lamp that induces the “switch”, choose the one that induces the “dimmer”. Normal operation: 11W, low power: 2W. In order to ensure the low power operation, there is a certain basic safety parking lot lighting throughout.

2. The induction range of the lamp tube should be large, and the sensitivity should be as high as possible. Otherwise, the car won’t be on until the light comes on.

Above is the radar induction lamp installation distance explanation and underground parking lot USES intelligent lamp a few precautions.

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