LED high mast lighting

High mast lighting must be in accordance with the requirements of the specifications have good wiring and grounding, I type lamps are not grounded to become the approximate 0 types of lamps and lanterns; allowable voltage fluctuations: HCI ceramic Metal Halide lamps, HQI quartz halide lamps and nav high pressure lamps require that voltage fluctuations within a short period of time not exceed/5% range, Long-term allowable range of fluctuations/-3%, large voltage changes will shorten the life of the lamp and cause color deviation; the use of light source: 

Frequent switching will shorten the life of the lamp; ballast: The distance between the light source and the ballast is limited and generally not exceeding 3 m; starting current: HCI, HQI and Nav, depending on the ballast , the light starting current can be up to twice times the working current, so in the circuit design must consider this current, otherwise switch easy trip; Luminous flux: The light source in the point of 100-300-hour parameter is more stable, T-type and TS-type ignition points are horizontal, and e-type is vertical lamp on, when the light source of different ignition point.

  There are significant differences in luminous flux, color temperature and even life span. Color deviation: For all HQI and HCI metal halide lamps, lights and lights may exist between the color deviation, this color deviation is due to the power supply voltage, ballast and lamp design, such as the impact of external factors, lamp color temperature uniformity of the impact factors.

Internal: The consistency of the arc tube (mercury content, electrode clearance, volume, status and size, etc.) determines the lamp power and the consistency of cold point temperature, which affect the density of halide, which determines the consistency of the lamp-related color temperature. At present, foreign advanced level, the same batch of  led high mast light source factory related color temperature tolerance can be controlled in/-100k, and the domestic advanced level in/-300k around. For 3000K Metal Halide lamp, this difference 600K color temperature with the naked eye is very easy to feel.

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