marine grade led flood light

Ship equipment has long been in a wide range of voltage fluctuations, electromagnetic interference, vibration, shock, salt spray, high temperature and humidity, oil mist and mold environment, the reliability and maintenance of led boat flood lights equipment put forward higher requirements. 

The use environment of ships is much higher than general general lighting environment. Therefore, led flood lights 12 volt marine are different from common lighting products, and led boat deck lights need to be developed according to the use environment of ships. The following technical problems need to be solved:

(1) Solve the problem of dazzling light through optical design. LED belongs to the point light source, if the direct exposure to the eyes, will feel dazzling, uncomfortable, so the light of the lamp must be specially treated to achieve a soft, non-glare effect.

(2) to solve the cooling problem. LED is a power device, affected by the current and temperature, the power supply, the chip will produce high temperature LED sharp decline in efficiency, electrode damage, accelerated aging of epoxy resin, light decay, and even the end of life. 

Therefore, to improve the cooling capacity is to ensure the most critical LED life issues. Lamps through a reasonable cooling design, to ensure that the heat generated by the LED can be quickly passed out, only the LED junction temperature below 105 ℃ in order to ensure the life of the light source. In order to ensure the reliable use of voltage fluctuations in the environment, must follow the switching power supply design standards in the design of open-circuit and short-circuit LED driver power supply protection, over-temperature protection, overload protection, constant current output, and with lightning and surge design Can effectively prevent the lightning strike 4kv above), for the power 50WLED drive to increase the soft start.

(3) to solve the problem of salt spray corrosion. Although the LED light source silicon wafer is encapsulated by the epoxy resin, the LED pad is still exposed, and the welding part is easily failed under the corrosion of the salt fog, resulting in failure of the LED. Can be solved in two ways: ① by improving the product’s enclosure protection, to ensure that there is no water vapor inside the lamp; ② use with anti-salt fog LED products

(4) solve the problem of blue hazard. LED can get white light is used for marine led lights. At present, the most commonly used method to obtain white light is to use a blue light emitting LED chip to excite the phosphor. The LED radiates a blue light. The blue light is divided into two parts. A part of the blue light excites the phosphor to emit yellow-green light and the other part is mixed with the generated yellow-green light Produces white light. This feature determines the LED light must exist in the blue light.

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