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havells led street light

  • Razorlux 90W Sodium Street Lights Warm White High Pressure

    Contact NowRazorlux 90W Sodium Street Lights Warm White High PressureHeavy duty aluminum shell housing of LED Highway Lights has good heat dissipation effect!
    The most important feature of the lamp is the use of foreign imported chips,120lm/w osram chip
    IP67 waterproof- it can prevent rainwater into the lamp, improve the life of the light
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  • 120W Highway Lights with Aluminum Alloy DC12/24V

    Contact Now120W Highway Lights with Aluminum Alloy DC12/24V120lm/w osram chip stainless steel bracket with IP67 120w highway lights
    LED highway power supply is the world's highest efficiency switching power supply up to 95%, high power factor up to 0.99, high reliability and long life, in line with IP67 waterproof grade; over-voltage over-temperature short-circuit protection, constant current-constant voltage optional Lightning Protection Design (IE-61000-4-5 Class) Complies with Global Safety and EMC Standards! Power Consumption is only half the power of many competing products because of the low power consumption of the power supplies Lower, so that the reliability of the product greatly improved. Used in highway lights, tunnel lights and other high-power lamps, aluminum enclosure product package has a good cooling effect!
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  • Razorlux High Lumen 60W Street Light Bulbs With 5 Years Warranty

    Contact NowRazorlux High Lumen 60W Street Light Bulbs With 5 Years WarrantyThis bracket of light is stainless steel bracket, and can be adjusted.
    The coat of the LED sport light is made of high quality pure aluminum die-casting, first-class heat dissipation, very high corrosion resistance, surface multiple anti-corrosion treatment.
    The use of high-power led as a light source, the use of a unique modular light source design, the use of imported high-brightness semiconductor chip with 120lm/w osram chip
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  • Razorlux 150W LED Highway Lighting Environment-Friendly

    Contact NowRazorlux 150W LED Highway Lighting Environment-FriendlyHigh Lumen 18000lumen of 150w led street light
    The first radiator and the integration of the lamp shell design, led directly with the shell close, through the shell heat dissipation wing and air convection heat, fully guaranteed the LED street light 50,000 hours of service life.
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  • 12 Volt 180W LED Street Lamp IP67 Waterproof

    Contact Now12 Volt 180W LED Street Lamp IP67 WaterproofHigh lumen reach to 120lm/w with osram chip
    Lens of LED sport lighting is tempered glass material, whose advantages are rich optical parameters, with high light transmittance (3mm thickness penetration of 97%), high temperature characteristics.
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