[caption id="attachment_32" align="alignnone" width="240"]1200w LED flood lights 1200w LED flood lights[/caption]

Razorlux Genius Light Can Be Installed As Floodlight With Flood Brackets And Accessories. LED Flood Lights Stocks A Large Range Of Flood Lights. LED Flood Lights To Suit A Wide Range Of Project Lighting Applications,Such As Football Field,Basketball Court, Tennis Court.

[caption id="attachment_33" align="alignnone" width="300"]Led street light Led street light[/caption]

LED Street Light Refers To The Use Of LED Chip, With High Efficiency, Safety, Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, Long Life, Fast Response, High Color Index, The Unique Advantages Of Energy-Saving Urban Lighting Is Of Great Significance.

[caption id="attachment_34" align="alignnone" width="300"]UFO led high bay lights​ UFO led high bay lights​[/caption]

Razorlux High Bay Light Is Made By A Die-Casting Aluminum Lamp Body And Beautiful Appearance. There Are Also Two Types Of Mounting System, Pendant And Flood Lighting With Different Mounting Accessories. This Light Can Be Also Made With Microwave Motion Sensor.

[caption id="attachment_35" align="alignnone" width="300"]explosion proof lighting explosion proof lighting[/caption]

Explosion-Proof Led Lighting Is Used For Flammable Gas And Dust Exists In Dangerous Places, Can Prevent The Lamp Inside May Produce Arc, Spark And High Temperature Ignition Ambient Flammable Gas And Dust.