LED Explosion-proof Floodlight

Product Structure Optical system features: preferably imported chips, led explosion-proof flood light has excellent optical flux maintenance and high light efficiency. The use of Surface mount Technology (SMT), greatly improve the thermal conductivity. Specially designed honeycomb structure, effectively improve the efficiency of the lamp. 

Drive System Features: the use of constant current drive, with short-circuit, overvoltage protection function. With excellent electromagnetic compatibility, no other electrical, output network caused any interference, the power itself has an excellent ability to resist electromagnetic interference. With wide voltage compatibility characteristics, tolerance 20% voltage fluctuations.

The driving power supply adopts glue sealing technology to ensure the components are not corroded. Thermal system characteristics: The spirit of the design of three-chamber independent structure to ensure that the electronic components stable work. Design the cooling shroud with air diversion structure to ensure the service life of LED light source. Carefully designed independent power supply strong structure, power supply work is not affected by the LED heat, to ensure the stability of the work of longevity.

The whole lamp structure characteristic: The LED explosion-proof floodlight uses the IIC class explosion-proof structure, and the IP66 protection grade, has the excellent explosion-proof protection performance. High boron-silicon toughened glass is used to withstand high energy impact. All exposed fasteners and accessories are made of stainless steel materials with high corrosion resistance.

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