golf course lighting

1,  At least 5m away from the batting area at the rear of the batting area of the main rod. To use wide LED flood light fixtures, so that the batting area has enough diffuse light. At the same time also consider the lighting for decentralized installation. In order to reduce or avoid the batter in the batting area to create a shadow. 

2. The lighting equipment here can make the front of the batting area have enough vertical illumination. So most of the lights are going to go far ahead. Enough illumination to strike out the flight trajectory and hit area of the ball. It enables the batsman to follow the ball’s flight area and landing range.

3, the lamp pole and the arrangement of the lamp, also must consider has the sufficient level illumination and the uniformity degree. Minimize excessive light and shade changes in illuminance.

4, the installation of lamps and the direction of light to make the main channel on the Lamp and light direction along the batter’s line of sight, to avoid adverse produce a strong direct glare. The lamp on the adjacent channel should prevent its direct golf course lighting from becoming the opposite side’s glare.

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