golf course lighting

To play golf at night, there must be sufficient lighting for illumination. This places very high requirements on the golf course lighting. The following urination will discuss the selection of lighting sources and lamps for everyone.

(1) Give priority to high-efficiency light sources

In this manner, when the same illuminance is achieved, the number of light sources required can be reduced, thereby reducing the material cost and installation fee of the electrical circuit, that is, reducing the initial investment.

(2) Selection of light sources with high color rendering and high color temperature

According to field practice, metal halide lamps with a color rendering index of Ra>90 and a color temperature of 5500K or more will reproduce the appearance of the stadium, such as the primary colors of lawns and spheres.

(3) Use light sources with good control characteristics.

(4) Selection of lighting fixtures

The structure and type of support, specifications and light source power matching.

(5) Selection of led flood lighting fixtures for the environment

Because the lighting fixtures of the stadium are installed outdoors in the open space, when the lighting fixtures are selected, the degree of protection of the lamps against foreign objects and water and the degree of protection against electric shock must be fully considered. Generally choose protection class IP55 and electric shock protection level ê. In addition, the corrosion resistance of lamps must also be considered in conjunction with the local atmospheric environment.

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