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These navigation lamps, lanterns and running lights were actually used on board ships. Navigation lights indicate the size of the vessel, which direction it is travelling and whether it is underway or at anchor. Once retired, a vessel is “scrapped” and all the steel, hardware and various components end up in ship breaking yards where we acquire them.

Superbly crafted nautical lighting, ship lights and treasures from around the world. Authentic nautical, maritime collectibles that will last a lifetime.

We carry salvaged ship navigation lights and lanterns made of galvanized steel, brass, copper and aluminum metals. In recent years copper and brass lanterns have become very hard to source as more modern ship builders opt for less expensive material options including fiberglass or plastics.

Features of ship light:

Sufficient Brightness-200w led flood light‘s brightness is up to 26000 lumen, fully meets your lighting needs. 
-No shadow, dizzy light, providing you excellent bright light.

Energy Efficient
-More energy efficient than old halogen lamp, great replacement for 600W HPS (high pressure sodium), saving over 80% on your electricity bill.

Wide Beam Angle
40° 60° 120° 140° beam angle, providing you with wide illumination range.

Usage Recommendation
-General lighting: illumination area is 150-300 sq. m. with about 75-150 lux when installation height is 10-14 meters. 
-Outdoor light: illumination area is 300-450 sq. m. with about 50-75 lux when installation height is 12-16 meters.

-With IP67 rating, this floodlight can be widely used in outdoor lighting projects as marine, vessel offshore, gardens, patio, court, lawn, etc.
-You can also use it in your warehouse, workshop and use it as security lighting.

Ultria Genius  Genius Ⅱ

Model of ship light

Beam Angle 40° 60° 120° 140°
Stable Flux(5700K after 1 hour) 26000lm
Dimension 474X388X982mm
Power Consumption  LEDs 180W
Power Supply   20W
Total 200W
Replace HID Lamp 400~600W
Net Weight 15kg (30lbs)
Color Temperature 5700K (2700~6500K available on request)
Color Rendering Ra75(Ra80,Ra90 available on request)
Working Life 50000Hrs
Housing Material Aluminum & Powder coating
Coating Zinc Rich Paint
IP Class IP 67 
Insulation Class Class I
Working Temperature -40C ~ 60C / -40F ~ 140F
Working Humidity 10% – 95%
AC Input 80~315Vac, (347Vac available on request)
THD <10%
Power Factor 0.98
5 years


marine led lights
marine led lights

If you want to replace your sodium flood lights with LED light, please contact us at email:[email protected]

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